• Location

    • Property + Homesites

      • If you haven’t already selected a location or homesite, allow Thompson Builders to assist in prospecting and selecting the perfect location for your dream home. A broker herself, Nancy Thompson has years of experience in western North Carolina real estate, and can help select the most suitable and affordable property available for your needs. If you have already selected a location, Thompson Properties looks forward to viewing and assessing the property to begin constructing your new home.

  • Design

    • Architectural + Interior

      • Thompson Properties invites you into a dynamic and involved design process with expert architects and interior designers. Working with your chosen architect and designer, this stage in the process is certainly the most fun, as you’re invited to choose details you’ve dreamed about to make your home truly custom. Choose from the many types and styles of homes in our portfolio, or allow us to bring your unique ideas to life. Experts accompany this part of the journey to ensure your home is not only custom, but safe, functional, and lasting.

  • Contracting

    • Financing + Finalizing

      • During this phase of the process, Thompson Properties works with you to guide and support you as you secure financing, helping to ensure your optimal outcome in a timely manner. By providing expert and simple guidance throughout the process, we are committed to making the contracting process with us as clear and straightforward as possible. Thompson Properties stands behind this commitment by providing a written guarantee that the cost of construction will not exceed a guaranteed maximum price or the excess cost would be paid for by Thompson Properties, instead of the client (change orders excluded).

  • Detail Selection

    • Customization + Finishes

      • This phase embodies working with Thompson Properties and vendors to view many options for beautiful interior finishes suited to your liking, including such things as custom cabinetry, flooring, lighting, colors, appliances, countertops, fine details, and more. Thompson Properties utilizes superior project management procedures with experienced personnel, scopes of work, and checklists for all subcontractors. We lock in pricing with “air-tight” subcontractor agreements to prevent jobsite cost overruns and delays and to maintain a safe, clean jobsite. Custom homes are made in these details – and we are dedicated to allowing you time and assistance in choosing all the right ones for you and ensuring timely completion.

  • Construction

    • Foundation + Framing

      • During this phase, watch as all of your dreams, patience, and plans become reality. You’re invited to watch as our expert contractors craft your home from the ground up with the utmost knowledge and professionalism on a maintained job schedule, which provides advanced notice for dates when selections are needed, so you never feel rushed or pressured into making decisions. By providing weekly progress reports and photographs to keep you informed, as well as transparent and detailed monthly billing statements for your accounting records, Thompson Properties will keep you informed every step of the way.

  • Installation + Finishes

    • As your construction comes to a close, you will be able to witness the finishing details as they are applied and installed, and you’ll notice how quickly your dream is now coming to fruition. Thompson Properties engages you in this part of the process so that you can be fully satisfied with the final product.

  • Closing + Warranties

    • As the construction phase is finalized, Thompson Properties provides a hassle-free closing process that allows you to move into your new home as quickly as possible. Thompson Properties goes above and beyond the standard 1-year warranty by providing our clients with an additional 10-year structural warranty and timely follow-up after you move in to ensure your satisfaction.

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